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Are you considering expanding your family?

According to the Baby Center, the most births in the United States are in the months of July, August, and September. This means that planning and discussion is well underway. Mother’s consider finances, work schedules, family life, and much more in decision and plans but they forget about one important thing, Their Bodies. We must consider the whole picture.

Is your body ready for pregnancy? Anywhere from 50%-80% of woman report having low back or pelvic pain during their pregnancy and 68% continue to have pain post pregnancy. Many of these women could have decreased this pain if they would have prepared their bodies pre or during pregnancy.

What changes occur in pregnancy that increases your chance of experiencing pain? A women’s body goes through many changes in pregnancy but only a specific few are related to pain. One’s abdominal muscles are stretched to their limit, muscle and ligament strength decreases, joint hypermobility occurs (postural changes), and the pelvic floor becomes strained. If these conditions are thought of pre or in early pregnancy, the pain related to pregnancy could be decreased and post-partum pain may be controlled.

How can I prepare my body? It is important to get your body in shape, this is not a strenuous exercise program but a functional rehab program that is simple and is not time consuming. These types of exercises will help decrease the muscle imbalance and weaknesses that occur during pregnancy. Check out the pregnancy exercises.

Manual therapies such as Active Release and Graston can help remove any adhesions or scar tissue that builds up and aid in pain reduction. If you are interested in learning more about reducing pain during pregnancy contact me and/or find a chiropractor/manual therapist that specializes in pregnancy or rehabilitation. See the pictures below for examples of ART on the pelvic ligaments.


ART starting Position

ART Finishing Position


Remember it is important to plan ahead but women do not forget about your bodies.

Yours in health,

Dr. Justin Hildebrand

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