Active Care Rehab

Patella Tendinopathy

indexPatella tendinitis or jumper’s knee is more accurately called patella tendinopathy. Tendinitis mean inflammation of the tendon but patella tendinopathy is a degenerative condition of the patella tendon. This condition is described as local tenderness of the patella tendon at the attachment on the patella.

Patella tendon injuries occur more commonly in distance runners, sprinters, and athletes that freqently jump. The increase is knee flexion or bending predispose these individuals to the injury because knee flexion increases the force and stress on the tendon. Excessive quad tightness or dominance may increase the risk for injury as well.

Treatment for patella tendinopathy consist of Active Release and Graston on the quad muscles as well as the tendon to decrease tightness and built up adhesions. These myofascial release techniques also start the rebuilding of the tendon by starting a controlled inflammatory response. Rehab exercises to strengthen and lengthen the  quad muscles help decrease longevity and recurrence of the injury.Interestingly, research has shown that resistance quad strengthening such as knee extension exercises has a negative effect on recovery.


Yours in health


Dr. Justin Hildebrand

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