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IT Band Syndrome

IT-BandIliotibial (IT) Band syndrome or Runner’s Knee frequently occurs in runners, especially those upping their mileage. ITB is described as a burning pain in the outside of the knee and the pain is increased with activity. If left untreated and activity continues pain can begin to move upward from the knee, into the IT Band.

The IT Band is a fibrous, extremely strong structure that begins in the hip as the gluteus medius, maximus and tensor fasciae latae. It travels down the outside of the leg and attaches just below the knee. The pain associated with ITB is due to tension in the band due to the muscle pull in the hip.

Studies have shown that individuals with ITB Syndrome have greater inward rotation at the knee and an increase in hip drop on the side of pain. Lack of hip muscle flexibility can increase the risk for ITB Syndrome by increasing the strain placed on the band. The foot, although commonly ignored, plays a significant role in IT Band pain. Having a high arched or rigid foot has shown to cause ITB Syndrome. This means that the foot and the hip need to be treated for resolution and preventative treatment for IT Band Syndrome.

Click here to see exercises for IT Band Pain.


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Dr. Justin Hildebrand

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