Active Care Rehab

Hallux Limitis

Hallux Limitis literally means limited big to motion. Hallux Limitis is a degenerative or arthritic condition in which the big toe becomes progressively stiffer ad more painful. While motion still exist in the  big toe with Halux Limitis, Hallux Rigidus is an extreme version of  Limitis where little to no motion is present.

Many people have Hallux Limitis and do not realize it. Pain generally does not occur until toe range of motion is less an 35-40 degrees. Hallux Limitis occurs more commonly in runners, especially those whose big toe is longer than their second toe. With this condition a bone spur begins to grow directly on top of the big toe “knuckle.”

Hallux Limitis can cause many biomechanical problems and needs to treated correctly. Techniques like Active Release and Graston can restore motion by 30 degrees and home exercises can help prevent the recurrence of ROM loss. General ankle mobility should be addressed and over-the-counter orthotics can help lessen pain. Click here for ankle mobility exercises.


Yours in health,


Dr. Justin Hildebrand

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