Active Care Rehab, Manual Therapy

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a therapy that uses an acupuncture/filament needle to pierce the body and cause a positive effect on the underlying muscles, tendon, nerves and ligaments. The needle can enter the muscle and yes penetrate to the bone. How deep the needle is inserted depends on what structures we are looking to treat.

Many patients that experience dry needling feel immediate pain relief and others feel an increase in range of motion or that their joints and muscles just work better. The common questions we get are; it going to hurt and why do those needles help me so much? Dry needling can be somewhat painful but the needles are more surprising than anything. Many patients do not realize the needling has been put in or taken out and after the first therapy session most patients do not complain that is hurts.

The needles do many things in the body. Most important they effect the site that we needling, the surrounding nerves to the spinal cord, and the brain. At the site of needling vasodilation occurs which means the blood vessels open and allow increased blood flow to the area. Increased blood flow helps facilitate healing and repair. At the spinal cord chemicals are released that help block pain and pain signals in the surrounding tissues. Lastly, the brain releases endorphins and endorphins are everyone’s best friend. They decrease pain, cause relaxation and produce a full body calming effect.

So, if you suffer from trigger points or knots in muscles or chronic tightness and pain dry needling can help release the knots and calm down your muscles. When muscles are free to contract and relax than your joints will have more movement and less stiffness. Adding dry needling to chiropractic therapy can  help speed recover and PUT YOUR LIFE BACK IN MOTION!

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