Ankle Stability and Imbalance Exercises

In Shin Splints and Ankle Injury Prevention post, counteracting ankle imbalances and shin splints was discussed. Here are a few commonly prescribed exercises for ankle imbalances.



  1. Begin seated with your leg straight.
  2. Place a towel around the ball of the leg to be stretched.
  3. Actively bring your foot upward, toward your knee. (try to let your toes relax).
  4. When you can not bring the foot upward anymore, pull the gently pull the towel until a stretch is felt.
  5. Hold for two secs and relax, returning the foot to a relaxed position.
  6. Repeat 10x for 3 sets.


  • Do not let the knee bend.
  • Make sure you bring the foot upward actively as far as you can.
  • Hold the stretch for two secs and relax.


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