Foam Roll ITB and Thoracic Spine

In the Corrective Exercise post, foam rolling for self-myofascial release was discussed. Here are a few commonly prescribed foam rolling exercises to try.

TFL/IT band


1: Lay on side with roller perpendicular to your body and placed just above the knee

2: Take pressure off of the foam roller by placing the top foot in front of roller

3: Use your arms and top foot, slowly work up the foam roller working 3 inch sections at a time

4: Work all the way up the first bony bump you feel at the hip. Then roll slightly forward and work up to the next bony bump you feel

5: Do this 2 – 3 times per day

Thoracic Spine

T spine

1: Start with the foam roller underneath the shoulder blades with the foam roller perpendicular to the body

2. Feet should be shoulder width apart and heels should stay close to buttocks

3: Buttocks should be slightly off the ground and hands behind head for support (do not poke out chin)

4: Push with your legs to move foam roller up and down the spine working 3-4 inch sections at a time

5: Your buttocks should stay about 1 inch off the floor the entire time

6: Let your back relax and extend over the roller

7: Stop rolling when the roller gets to the top of the shoulder blades or down into lower back

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