Knee Cap Pain Exercises

 Quad Foam Roll



  1. Start in the push up (but on elbows) position and place the foam roll perpendicular under one of your quads just above the knee.
  2. Place the opposite knee on the ground for balance.
  3. Roll over the quad 3-4 inches at time until you hit your pelvis.
  4. You can take pressure off the roll by adding weight to the knee on the ground.
  5. Do each side 2-3 times a day.


  1. Take your time; this stretch is not about speed!
  2. Do NOT roll over the bony bump on the outside of your hip, this can cause more problems!
  3. Take more weight off of your leg if it becomes very painful, it should “hurt so good”.
  4. Take deep breaths as you perform this exercise.


Click to Pics and Variations


  1. Lie on your side, with your legs slightly bent at the knees with ankles, hips, and shoulders in a line. The head should rest on the down arm.
  2. Your top hand is placed on your hip (like angry) with thumb over the top of your gluts.
  3. Lift your knee up as if someone has tied a string to your knee and is gentle pulling it straight up.
  4. Lifts for a 1 count and returns for a 5 count.
  5. If done correctly, you should feel contraction under the thumb and nothing in the side of your leg.
  6. Repeat for 3 sets of ten.


  • If you feel more in the side of the leg, then the knees are bent too much.
  • It does not matter how high the leg is lifted, as long as contraction is felt under the thumb.
  • Things to avoid
  1. Rocking of the pelvis backwards
  2. The ankles coming apart
  3. Lifting the leg to high
  4. Ankles, hips, and shoulders not being in line

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