Work Micro Breaks and Bruegger’s Exercises

In the post Desk Job Hurting Your Back, Microbreaks and Bruegger’s exercises was discussed. Here are a few commonly prescribed exercises for the desk job worker to try.

Isometric Bruegger’s Exercise

Corrective Exercise for Seated Posture
Corrective Exercise for Seated Posture


     Sit down and spreading your feet shoulder width apart and  your toes out.
Pretend there is a string pulling your chest up and out, extending your upper back.
Your arms should be at your side with your head looking straight in front of you.
Gently tucking your chin and rotating your palms foreword.
Extend your wrist and push down with your palms as if there is a bench under you.
Perform 5-8 times a day and held for 10 seconds each time.


– You might feel a slight muscle squeeze between your shoulder blades, but not a strong contraction.

– You should still be able to talk when your chin is tucked, if you are unable to talk, relax a little bit!

Chin Retraction

Chin Tuck
Chin Tuck


  1. Start seated in a chair sitting up tall.
  2. Move your head back as far as you can while keeping your chin tucked.
  3. You should remain looking straight ahead, do not look down.
  4. This is retracted position. Once you have achieved retraction, use one of your hands to gently push yourself into more retraction.
  5. Hold for a few secs and relax.
  6. Repeat as much as necessary, minimum 1 set every waking hour.


  • Remain looking straight ahead at all times.
  • A mid-backed chair is optimal for this exercise.
  • This can be done anywhere at any time.


For other great microbreaks and office stretches click here.

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